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​About MAASA
The Mounted Archery Association of South Africa (MAASA) is a Non-Profit Organization, affiliated with the South African Equestrian Federation (SAEF) and the South African National Equestrian School Association (SANESA).


MAASA strives to promote the age-old discipline of Mounted Archery or Horseback Archery. This is done through the formation of clubs dedicated to the promotion, understanding, development and training of athletes, both horse and rider, on the various disciplines and variations thereof that is found in the modern

Mounted Archery arena.

About Mounted Archery
Mounted or horseback archery has its origins in ancient warfare and hunting, when armies of mounted archers fought on the Asian steppes and Native Americans hunted buffalo on the American plains.  Today, horseback archery is a popular sport in Asia, Europe and the United States, and its various competitive styles are a reflection of different cultures and traditions. This exciting new sport has now taken hold in South Africa, and continues to grow in participant numbers, and spectator value.
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