Individual Membership
In order to become a member of MAASA you need to do the following:
  1. Become a paid up member of SAEF.
  2. Become a paid up member of a club/multi-disciplinary club that is affiliated with MAASA.
  3. Complete the MAASA membership application form in full.
  4. Pay MAASA Membership fees in full. (Payment Reference Name_Membership_year).
  5. Email your application form along with your proof of payment, proof of club membership as well as proof of SAEF membership to:
  • Club fees can be allocated according to the constitution of the club, in other words, full fees or pro-rata fees for members joining halfway through the year.

  • MAASA & SAEF fees are fixed. The same fee is payable whether it be month 1 or 11. 

  • A member participating in another equestrian discipline, WILL ONLY PAY SAEF FEES ONCE BUT MUST RENDER PROOF IF PAYMENT HAS ALREADY BEEN DONE.

Club Membership/Affiliation
In order to become a MAASA affiliated club you need to do the following:
  1. Register your club with SAEF.
  2. Complete in full the MAASA Club Affiliation form.
  3. Email the following documents to
  • Proof of Club SAEF Registration​
  • MAASA Club Affiliation Form
  • Club constitution
  • Proof of Club bank account
  • Membership List
Applying as a Show Holding Body
In order to host any MAASA qualifiers or official MAASA competitions a Show Holding Body needs to register with MAASA and apply to become an approved Show Holding Body.
To become a MAASA approved Show Holding Body:
  1. Ensure that your track & venue complies with MAASA Track & Venue Requirements. 
  2. Have your venue inspected and approved by a MAASA qualified Judge.
  3. Fill in the Expression of Interest for a Showholding Body (EOI) Form.
  4. Email Venue & Track Approval Documentation as signed off by MAASA Judge, along with EOI form, Proof of Insurance and  a list of the events that your Showholding Body would like to apply for to
  5. Once track/venue has been approved and all documentation received, the Show Holding Body needs to sign a standard SLA document with MAASA.
Where more than one Show Holding Body applies to host a large event such as provincials or nationals the MAASA committee will review the applications and decide which venue would be more suitable for the specific competition.

Breakdown of Costs (R/year)

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