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Individual Membership
In order to become a member of MAASA you need to do the following:
  1. Become a paid up member of SAEF.
  2. Become a paid up member of a club/multi-disciplinary club that is affiliated with MAASA.
  3. Pay MAASA Membership fees in full. (Payment Reference Name_Membership_year).
  4. Complete the ONLINE MAASA membership application form in full & upload the proof of payment.
  • Club fees are determined by the relevant club's constitution, and not by MAASA.

  • MAASA membership fees are fixed & no pro-rata rates apply. The same fee is payable whether it be month 1 or 11. 

  • Members must renew & pay their membership fees by 31st January 2024.  Fees will increase by R50 per category  per member as from 1st February 2024.

  • New members must pay full 2024 membership fees, regardless of when they join MAASA - no pro rata membership fees are applicable. 

  • A member participating in another equestrian discipline, WILL ONLY PAY SAEF FEES ONCE, but will be required to prove SAEF membership is current and paid up. 

MAASA Membership Fees 2024.png
Club Membership/Affiliation
In order to become a MAASA affiliated club you need to do the following:
  1. Register your club with SAEF.
  2. Complete in full the MAASA Club Affiliation form.
  3. Email the following documents to
  • Proof of Club registration with SAEF Registration​
  • MAASA Club Affiliation Form
  • Club constitution
  • Proof of Club bank account
  • Membership List
Applying as a Show Holding Body
In order to host any MAASA qualifiers or official MAASA competitions a Show Holding Body needs to register with MAASA and apply to become an approved Show Holding Body.
To become a MAASA approved Show Holding Body:
  1. Ensure that your track & venue complies with MAASA Track & Venue Requirements. 
  2. Have your venue inspected and approved by a MAASA qualified Judge.
  3. Fill in the Expression of Interest for a Showholding Body (EOI) Form.
  4. Email Venue & Track Approval Documentation as signed off by MAASA Judge, along with EOI form, Proof of Insurance and a list of the events that your Show Holding Body would like to apply for to
  5. Once track/venue has been approved and all documentation received, the Show Holding Body needs to sign a standard SLA document with MAASA.
Where more than one Show Holding Body applies to host a large event such as provincials or nationals the MAASA committee will review the applications and decide which venue would be more suitable for the specific competition.
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