The Polish/Hunt Style

Equipment required
  • Six or more targets (either targets with FITA80 faces, 2D hunter targets or 3D targets).
  • A stopwatch/timer.
Course set-up
  • The track is a several hundred metres long cross country course.
  • The detailed plan of the track depends on terrain conditions of the venue.
  • The width of the track is 3–5m and may vary depending on terrain conditions. The track doesn’t have to be fenced along its full length, in places it may consist of open fields.
  • The track may be slightly uneven and may include small obstacles/jumps no higher than 50cm and changes in direction.
  • The 6 or more targets are set around the course. The height of the target above ground level and the shooting distance may vary.
  • At least one target is set flat on the ground, near the edge of a track (for a downward shot).
  • At least one target is set on the other side of the track than the rest (for a right-side shot for a right-handed archer).
  • It is possible to put a target over 30 m from the edge of the track (long distance shooting). The target is optional; it may consist of large one target, many targets or a flat demarcated area on the ground.
  • The distance between shots is a minimum of 30m. By “shot” is meant place the on the track from which the competitor sees the target perpendicularly. (Targets itself may be closer).
  • The first target must be 15 m or more from the starting line. The last target must be no more than 15 m before finishing line.
  • For left handed competitors the track should be comparable to right handed. Depending on terrain conditions, especially slope, left handed competitors can run in opposite direction (flat terrain) or in the same direction (a slope terrain). In this situation, targets must be replaced in that way, that the difficulty of shots must be the same as for right handed.
  • The number of shots at each target is unlimited.
  • Arrows may be drawn from a quiver or belt or may be held in the bow or shooting hand.
  • Competitors are allowed to start with an arrow nocked which may only be shot after the starting line.
  • When crossing the start line all arrows, other than the one which is nocked, should be in a quiver, or belt. They may be moved to the bow or shooting hand after the start line.
  • Only those shots that are made whilst in canter or gallop count.
  • Each competitor has 2 or 3 competition runs on the track (depending on the length of the track).
  • Before the competition, the competitors will be granted the possibility of at least one test run on the track in walk, trot or gallop, although no shooting is allowed.
  • The score for a run is counted as a sum of points gained on targets, time bonuses and penalties deducted.
  • If the number of deducted points (time penalties and missed obstacles) is greater than the number of points gained from arrow hits, the competitor scores zero points for that run. A negative score may not be collected.
  • If two or more competitors have the same final result after all runs, the one who has more points from arrow hits wins.
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Shooting score
  • 80 cm round traditional targets / FITA target face: 5 concentrically rings counts 1 – 2 – 3 – 5 – 7 points.
  • Long distance shots (over 30 m): anywhere in the target = 10 points, each hit counts.
  • 2D hunter targets: hit target but miss the animal = 2 pts, hit anywhere on animal =3 pts, kill zone = 5 pts, inner kill zone = 7 pts.
  • 3D: scoring depends on the type of target.
  • The number of shots at each of the targets is unlimited, but only the best arrow hit in each target counts (so if, for example, the competitor hits a particular target in the 3pt and 5pt rings, he receives 5 points).
  • For long distance shooting (over 30 m) the number of shots is unlimited, each hit counts.

Time bonus
  • The par time is calculated for the speed of 350 m/min (so 350m track will have 60s time limit, 700m track 120s etc.). The main judge can change this par time due to the terrain / ground conditions.
  • Time bonuses are gained at 0.5pt/s for every second under the par time or deducted at 0.5pt/s over this par time.
  • Time bonuses are only awarded if sufficient targets are hit: On a course with 6-8 targets = 2 targets must be hit On a course with 9-12 targets = 3 targets must be hit. On a course with 13 or more targets = 4 targets must be hit.
  • Disqualification occurs if a run takes more than twice the par time (e.g. a competitor's time exceeds 120s on a course with a 60s par time). Zero points will be scored for that run.
  • When obstacles/jumps are avoided 5pts are deducted.
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