The Hungarian 90m Style (Kassai Style)

  • The track is 90m long, excluding run in and out areas, and is a straight line. The track is 2-4m wide.
  • There are tall poles (3m or more in height) at the start and finish lines on the side of the track nearest the target. These should be just outside the track barrier.
  • The target tower is placed half way along the track (i.e. 45m) and 9m away from the edge of the track. It holds three vertical targets.
  • The target faces are round and composed of three concentric zones in contrasting colours. The zones are 90cm, 60cm and 30cm diameter respectively
  • The center of the target(s) should be 2m high +/- 10cm (relative to ground-level within the track).
  • There should be an empty 5m buffer zone between the track and spectators. Judges, officials and 1 representative/helper per team are permitted within this area but should take care not to crowd the edge of the track. The only horses within the buffer zone should be those in the current group.
  • The zone prior to the start and after the finish is 5m long – i.e. marking out a 100m track. Arrows shot within this zone that hit the target will have an angle of shooting such that they pass within the poles as required above.
  • If a target tower with angled targets is used they should be angled towards the 20.5m & 69.5m points on the track. (45 degrees relative to the 2nd/middle target).
  • Each competitor has 6 competition runs on the track. All runs must be completed at canter or gallop.
  • Each competitor gets 1 warm up canter on the track (without / with shooting as they wish).
  • There is no limit to the number of arrows that may be shot at each target.
  • Arrows may be drawn from a quiver or may be held in the bow hand or drawing hand. Arrows may also be drawn from the belt/sash.
  • Competitors may start with an arrow nocked.
  • Arrows may be shot at any target from any point on the track.
  • Any arrows loosed before the competitor passes the start line or after the competitor passes the finish line only score if: a. they were loosed while the horse was at canter or gallop; AND b. the arrow passes between the start and finish poles.
  • The time limit to complete the run is 18 seconds for Student and Horse Archers.
  • Speed points are awarded for completing the run faster than 18s, provided that the run was completed at a canter; at least 3 arrows were shot within in the allowed zone of which at least 1 arrow was a hit. Novice Archer Level may shoot in a walk, trot or canter and time taken is not applicable.
  • For Horse Archer level, if a competitor run was slower than 18.00s they score 0 for that run.
  • For Student Archer level, the score will be deducted at 1 point per second over the time limit.
  • All targets score as follows (inner ring outwards): 4pts, 3pts, 2pts.
  • The time limit for the run is 18 seconds for Student and Horse Archers, no time limit for Novice archers.
  • Speed points are awarded for completing the run faster than the time limit, 1pt per second (to two decimal places for electronic timing or to one decimal place for manual timing).
  • Speed points are only added if the competitor shoots at least 3 arrows that pass between the start and finish posts. It is not necessary to hit the target with more than 1 arrow, but at least 3 must be shot in order to score time points. This applies only to Student and Horse Archer Levels.
  • An arrow is “shot” if, in the opinion of the referee, a reasonable attempt was made to hit the target. If a competitor flings an arrow to the side for example without even looking at where they are shooting then a reasonable attempt to hit the target was not made.
  • There is no limit on the amount of speed points that can be awarded.
  • It is not necessary to record the number of arrows shot, only whether there were sufficient to collect time points (i.e. 3 arrows or more) or too few arrows to collect time points (1 or 2).
  • For Horse Archers, if a competitor exceeds the time limit they score 0 for that run, regardless of any hits on the targets.
  • For Student Archers, score will be deducted at 1 point per second over the time limit.
  • If the competitor fails to score any hits on the targets, they score 0 for that run, regardless of time taken and no time bonuses will be awarded.
  • The total scores (target points + time points) for each of the runs is added together to give the competitor’s total score.
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